Summer Camps

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  • Junior Engineer

    (Grade 2-4)

  • The camp is designed so that the children build working models that give them a glimpse into the world of Simple Machines-Electricity and Electronics and also enhances their understanding of how these operations take place. The models are inspired by DaVinci whose work in the field of architecture and engineering was so precise and futuristic that his designs and models are still in use today and new structures like the Norway Bridge are being built on his designs.

  • Explore Simple Machines And Electronics
    • Day 1 : Scaling Ladder

      Replica of a scaling ladder used in fire brigades to reach high storey building for rescue operations.

    • Day 2 : Swing Bridge

      A Bridge Which can be moved so that big ships can pass under it.

    • Day 3 : A Catapult

      A Throwing mechanism used during wars and kids even use it as a toy.

    • Day 4 : Electricity And Electronics 1

      Introduction to basic fundamentals of electricity and making circuits like conductor detection, doorbell and circuit challenge game.

    • Day 5 : Electricity And Electronics 2

      Using the model created from Day 1 to Day 4 to create a factory setup and testing the working of the factory.

  • Discover STEM

    (Grade 5 and above)

  • This camp is to give children a peek into the World of current and future day technologies like Robotics, Computer Programming, Animation, 3D Modelling and printing through practical working projects. This will enhance their understanding of these technologies and relevant skills required by the next generation to innovate and excel.

  • Introduction to Coding, 3D Printing & Robotics
    • Day 1 : Robotics

      Robotic Arm

    • Day 2 : Computer Programming

      Introduction to coding, Animation and motion.

    • Day 3 : Game Design

      Game Design

    • Day 4 : 3D Modeling

      Introduction to 3D Modeling & Design.

    • Day 5 : 3D Printing

      Printing a fidget spinner.